Pre-Order Updates

Hello! Welcome to our pre-order update page, this is where you will be finding updates on the status of items currently on pre-order. All dates posted are estimates and are subject to change.  

Last Updated on:  MAR 9, 2023

 ONEW: Release date is March 7th. In transit to store.

Cherry Bullet: Release date is March 8th. In transit to store.

Yuju: Release date is March 8th. In transit to store. 

TWICE: Release date is March 10th.

KAI: Release Date is March 14th.

NMIXX: Release date is March 22nd

NMIXX Lightstick: Release date is March 20th.





Why is it taking so long for you to ship my order? 

As a smaller shop, we are often last priority to companies and do not receive albums before or on the day of release. All albums are shipped directly from Korea.

It may take up to 1 week for our shipment to depart Korea, from then it takes approximately 3 days for it to clear customs and arrive to us. We ship all pre-orders the same day they arrive in-store. In-stock items take 1-3 days to fulfill! :)

We apologize for any delays and inconvenience this may cause.

When will my order ship?

We start packaging pre-orders as soon as they arrive to us in-store. It may take us up to 2 days to process pre-orders due to POB and posters. 

Why is an item still on pre-order if it has been released?

We like to keep pre-orders open until an item is in-store for you to be able to have a longer pre-order period. Plus, you are still able to grab a pre-order benefit! (if available)

**Pre-order items and in-stock items are now shipped together. In-stock items will be held until pre-order items arrive in-store. If you would like to receive your in-stock items faster please checkout separately.**