Shiseido - Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask

Shiseido - Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask

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  • Perfect hair care products for damaged dry hair by weather changes and UV-ray and color/perm treated hair.


  • It is formulated with royal jelly EX to moisturize, PCA (Para-chloroamphetamine) to strengthen, and Lipidure EX to repair, leaving your hair nourished shiny hair.


  • Three major effects of moisturizing, strengthening, and repairing transform hair into purely healthy hair from the core.


  • Seven essence ingredients penetrate into hair and conditions any damaged hair.


  • Seven essences works for moisture penetration, moisture control, strengthening, repair, smoothening surface, gloss and long lasting color.


  • Aroma of grace floral.

    How to use: 

  • After shampoo, lightly drain off.


  • Rinse well after letting the appropriate amount (about 2 teaspoons for semi-long) around the damaged part of the hair.


  • Even if it is immediately rinsed, it has enough effect.


  • It demonstrates high effect, recommend using 1 or 2 times a week.


  • Remarks: Manufacturing date is marked on product.